Small Business Magic: Survive and Succeed In Any Economy was written for very special people:

1) They own or run a small business.
2) They WANT their small business to survive and succeed.
3) They’re not so old that they can’t learn old facts and new approaches.
4) They are not content to be just “average.”

Small Business Magic isn’t full of fluff. Every page makes logical point after logical point, opening up possibilities for your business that have always been there, but largely unseen or unrecognized, and certainly unappreciated. The “magic” is in turning those possibilities into reality, easily.

“Good enough” simply isn’t good enough to get you where you want to go. This book is about quality: what it is, and how and why to increase it in your business. Survival and success depend on creating more valuable products than your competitors do, and just as much, on creating a high quality business. Small Business Magic reveals the most efficient and effective ways to do both.