magine, if you will, a mountain that keeps growing taller every day. Focus in on that little speck about halfway up the mountain, pushing onward and upward. Meet Don Dewsnap.

Realistic, yet eternally optimistic. Aware of the obstacles, aware of the distance ahead, but always aware of the distance he has come. Don Dewsnap has seen the trails that peter out into impassable thickets of thorns; he has met the chasms too wide to jump. Backtracking, breaking new trails, sometimes teetering on unsteady logs over rushing rivers, he has still advanced halfway up a mountain that keeps growing taller.

Since Don Dewsnap abandoned a promising career in accounting to start a typesetting business in his living room, he has known both fear and exultation. Most of all, he knew that as long as he didn’t give up, and provided a better product than others did, he would eventually succeed. And he did.

Over time, he noticed that many did not share his overriding demand for quality. To many, quality was an expensive luxury. When people asked him how he managed to succeed, and he tried to explain, it was like speaking in a foreign language. He set out to solve this puzzle.

His typesetting company swept away by the tide of personal computers, Don ventured into new fields, always demanding quality, and always succeeding. Pieces fell into place as he discovered which successful actions were common to all fields, and what were the principles that underlay the actions. Some were familiar. Others were not. A few were brand new, dug from the concealing clay of Faulty Assumptions.

Focus in on that speck, and the ropes trailing behind it ready to be grasped. Now find yourself on that mountain, and notice that one of those ropes is lying at your feet. Take a look up the mountain. It’s beautiful up there. Maybe you can make it up on your own. But Don Dewsnap knows...from experience...that the climb is faster and easier with a rope.