The Trick Is Too Easy

Whether on-line...out of a basement...a small office...or three stories tall...small businesses face many challenges. Very few survive for very long. Yet almost all of them should.

There is no good reason to fail, when you know the trick. That is, unless you are selling shares in swampland or other worthless products. But given a valid and valuable product or service, almost every small business failure can be traced to a single reason.

Most people know the trick, but don't use it.

Small Business Magic examines the one underlying factor of all success in clear, easy-to-understand language. It explains what it is, how to use it, and why people don't. It contains practical ways to apply the trick for both immediate and long-term better results in your business.

I am about to tell you the trick. When I do, your reaction itself may prove that the trick is valuable beyond gold. Many will dismiss the trick as too easy, and turn away. Small Business Magic explains exactly why so many people reject this shortest, easiest path to success.

The trick is Quality.

Not Quality Control, not Quality Assurance, not Total Quality Management. Just Quality.

When you read about Quality in a way you have never read about Quality before, a way that blows away all the lies and half-truths, and shows Quality in a light you have never thought of, your business will change. Your life will change. This is not powder-puff material. This is hard, knife-edged truth, appealing to the best part of you, the part that recognizes good from bad, right from wrong, and truth from untruth.

Read the sample pages. Get a taste. Then take the step onto the certain path to a more successful business.

Be ready to see your horizons expand.